Please help us to keep you safe by informing us in advance of ordering about any food allergies or food choices. All ingredients are not included in menu description and since all items are cooked individually we can remove or shift if you notify us in advance. This does not include an open invitation to redesign the menu BUT if there is anything you just plain hate (I hate beets and I’m not afraid to say it) then the time to tell us is BEFORE you order (and if you are just plain picky say that too).

Whenever possible I will come out into the restaurant and work with you to design something that is safe and desirable for you to eat but please help your servers by communicating with them the exact nature of your allergy or sensitivity or food avoidance so they can communicate with me. FOR EXAMPLE DO SAY: “I have arthritis and I avoid nightshade vegetables.” BUT “I avoid peppers, tomatoes and eggplant” is incomplete to say the least. If you communicate the first statement I will know to avoid foods that are also high in fat, gluten rich, meat or dairy in addition to nightshade vegetables…

You can decide not to take my suggestions but if you want to know then please talk to me, I’ve been doing this a very long time (and I’m a Mommy!) trust me nothing will surprise me. Also, and this is important, please tell us if you are dissatisfied. I do this because I love feeding people and making them happy and if there is something more I need to do then please let me know.  This journey is a partnership and like any great team we must talk and work together to be the best that we can be.

<3 xogh

Sample Menus

Our menu changes from day to day based on the season, availability of ingredients, and chef's whim. The menus below are samples of what we have served and may be serving today.