Every event is as unique and special as the person who is having it. At HOBOS you will not have a menu handed to you that countless other people have used; one will be created by me to work within your budget and will be reflective of your style, personality and individual taste.

I have been doing weddings (and event planning) for 25 years and I believe that each wedding is as unique and individual as the couple making the commitment. My belief is that weddings should honor the choice to spend a life together; not be battleground about budget, style and personalities. A wedding should be the celebration of the start of a marriage. Not something you have to survive and get through. Wedding planning with me is fun. All you have to do is tell me what you want and give me a budget and I will make it happen. You get to show up as a guest at your own party.

Since Equality has passed in Delaware I have been honored to be the choice of many couples who are just now able to make a legal commitment after often spending decades together. It makes the work that I do meaningful on a level that I cannot even begin to express. We are just now beginning to bring some of these weddings to fruition after months of planning and many new pictures will be posted as time passes.

Whether a wedding, christening, engagement party or celebration of the solstice; every event designed by me is a cherished event to treasure for a lifetime. Peruse the menus that are here but remember that your event will reflect your personality and personal style. Since our menu is seasonal and changes daily it will reflect the availability of the local farmers as well as the wellspring of creativity that we will both bring to the table.

Weddings and Catering Sample Menus